The quick & easy treatment that leaves your feet flip flop ready!

Read in Less than a minute by Taylor Oxberry

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No more hiding your feet away in boots and trainers, summer is here and it’s time to get your sandals on. Don’t worry we have everything you need to get them looking and feeling great this summer.

Our Callus Peel, the 4 step procedure that includes a skin softening patch applied to the heel and toes to soften the skin. A special scrapper is used to peel off the dead skin and calluses. Finally, we buff away any remaining dead skin and apply a moisturising cream leaving them smooth and soft.

The perfect quick fix to add to your next pedicure to make your feet Summer season ready! Book a pedicure now and see our amazing range of gels we have in stock waiting for YOU!

Add a Callus Peel to your pedicure from just £10 1 area!

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